About us

Company History

The Company has been built on fifteen years experience which includes a variety of manufacturing systems involved in many different projects including complex components for aerospace, military and commercial fields. The products range from minor to the more complex major structural parts.

We are currently specialising in using Catia Version 5 Design & Manufacturing product from Dassault Systems to program highly complex components for manufacture on multi axis machine tools. With the advances and changes taking place in the aerospace field we are sure that the expertise we can offer will be of invaluable help to you.

In order to remain competitive this Company has invested heavily in the latest technology to enable it to remain competitive in the market place and remain one of the leading companies in this field. Experience has also shown us of the need to be totally flexible to your changing needs and requirements to enable us to offer a tailor made service for you. This will enable QBIC Technologies Ltd to provide a complete and highly professional programming service to your Company.

Our Commitment To You

Qbic is committed to quality, quality processes and systems throughout all aspects of the organisation. We are committed to continuous improvement. We are striving to provide our customers with the best quality, service and technology in advanced cutting tool products. To reinforce our quality policy, we are communicating the policy internally, conducting employee training, and using the team concept.

As quality audits have progressed over the years, more and more emphasis is being placed on how an organization utilizes its operating practices in building customer relationships.

Every Qbic operational phase is standardised and documented. This builds consistency into the manufacturing process, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Qbic's Customer Services is dedicated to serving you by offering immediate assistance, quick response times and accurate information.

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